Dallas All-Con 2011

This year’s theme to Dallas All-Con was Steampunk so being that many individuals who love Steampunk have love for other subjects and genres North Texas Dieselpunk made an appearance. Handouts were given explaining the basics of Dieselpunk, which include some art. NT Dieselpunk is pleased to report that the reception was very positive. All handouts were distributed and many people inquired about Dieselpunk. In addition, NT Dieselpunk spoke to representatives of All-Con management about the likelihood of at the 2012 All-Con purchasing a table. In addition, other possibilities are being considered for next year.

Thank you All-Con for a fantastic event!


2 Responses to “Dallas All-Con 2011”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it to this. I had hoped to, but things have been too busy with the baby.

    It looks like our stay in Texas is coming to an end in two weeks, so we will be heading back north. Not sure where we will end up, but it won’t be here.

    Of course I’ll still be at the same address in the aether. It sounds like things are shaping up well for steam and dieselpunks here in Texas. All the best with the continuing endeavors!

  2. All my best David, where ever life takes you.

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