Proposed Dieselpunk Meeting

I was wondering if any dieselpunks who follow this site would be interested in getting together one day? Maybe on a Sat afternoon somewhere simply over lunch or dinner at a local restaurant. If you’re interested and in the North Texas area then please respond to this post with any ideas for times and locations.


3 Responses to “Proposed Dieselpunk Meeting”

  1. Hello, Larry. I would love to meet up. My schedule is pretty flexible as long as my wife isn’t in labor (due on the 16th). Of course after the baby things will get a little dicier, but I should still be able to swing a trip into town.
    I can’t recommend much for meeting places. Ft. Worth was my haunt in high school…
    I would be comming from the west, so anything more DFW central would be easier for me.( Downtown Ft. Worth takes about 75 min.)

  2. Robert Hawk Says:

    I’m in Addison and travel on DART. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from out here.

  3. Robert and David,
    Thanks for your interest and the feedback. This is helpful as I make plans.

    Keep an eye on the site for more information. Plus, I can contact you directly as details are set.

    Oh, and congratulations on the expectant dieselpunk, David. 🙂

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