What is North Texas Dieselpunks?

Do you love movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark,  The Thin Man, The Shadow, Chinatown and The Big Sleep? Do you love Swing Music, Big Band, and Jazz? Is you’re favorite hat a fedora? Do you love Art Deco,  the Golden Age of Radio and vintage cars?

Then you just might be a Dieselpunk.

Dieselpunk can best be defined as a subculture and a genre of art blending the knowledge of the 1920s through the early 1950s with today.  The goal of dieselpunk is to create something unexpected and new by merging the zeitgeist of the past with today’s technology and attitude.

North Texas Dieselpunks is an organization established to bring together like minded individuals who want to socialize and share their love of that Golden Era and keeping it as a living, breathing part of our culture.

For updates on our activities please see below.

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